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What Are the Essential Items Need to Keep in the Car Accident Defense Attorneys?

1,000 fresh drivers are introducing themselves in the roadways of the USA every year.

Unfortunately, several new and old drivers are facing car accidents every year.

Do you think all of the drivers are coming after taking proper training on running a car?

The truth is, many drivers are not good at operating a vehicle. Even they don’t know what to do after facing an unwanted car accident.

car accident defense attorneys
                  car accident defense attorneys

After discussing with several car accident defense attorneys, I have created this blog. It is about giving you a clear understanding of what essential items you need to keep in the car to avoid future harassment in case of a car accident.

All of the enlisted items are significantly crucial in the case of a car accident. The items are

1. Insurance proof
2. Contact numbers
3. Pen and Notebook
4. Camera
5. First aid kit
6. Road flares or Flashlight

Well, I will share an in-depth discussion below regarding how these items will give you benefit in a car accident.

1. Insurance Proof

Keeping insurance proof in the vehicle has become mandatory in many states of the USA. It would be best to keep the proof papers in your car even if your state doesn’t make it a mandatory rule. Because it holds valuable information that is required in case of a car accident.

Most insurance proof papers contain an auto insurance policy number as well as the insurance company’s claims department contact number. Both information is remarkably essential because if the other vehicle driver plans to claim your insurance company, the driver may need both of this information. Also, the responding police officer will require the information to make a police file.

2. Contact Numbers

Make sure; you have all the essential phone numbers with you in the car. In case of a car accident, you can’t deny the importance of these contact numbers.

You should have a contact card with a contact number for the following person or organization.

  • Emergency roadside assistance.
  • Your insurance company.
  • Car leasing companies.
  • Contact info for your closest family members or friends.
    Also, don’t forget to contact 911 if you are unable to communicate with any of your family or friends.

3. Pen and Notebook

You may think both of these items as simple, but they will assist you enormously during a car accident.

In maximum cases, after 10 – 15 minutes, the driver can’t remember about the incident.

According to car accident defense attorney san Diego, it is considered essential to note down all the essential things related to a car accident. And at this point, a pen and notebook will be the best choice.

You can use the pen and notebook to keep the below information.

  • Contact details of the other car driver involved in the car accident.
  • Other driver’s license numbers.
  • Other vehicle license plate number.
  • Other driver insurance company and policy number.
  • Details of the incident (location, time, how much damage happened, etc.)
  • If there are any witnesses available, contact details of the person.
    No other better ways are available to keep any information except writing on a paper. So, don’t forget to keep a pen and notebook in your car.


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4. Camera

After an accident, you need to capture the images of the incident and damage that happened to your car. It is a piece of clear advice from a car accident lawsuit defendant that these pictures will assist during an insurance claim.

You can use either your mobile phone camera or any other digital camera to capture an image. Good images will avoid disagreements and fraud during the following situations:

  • If the vehicles are removed before the police arrive at the place of the accident, they can verify the location of the car.
  • Police may verify the license plate information in case of an attempt by the other vehicle driver to drive immediately after the accident happens.
  • If the other driver also tries to claim past damage to his car, images of the damages caused by accident may separate the damages.
  • Car damage photos can also protect against auto body shops by increasing the amount of damage to the car to make more money from your insurance company.
    5. First Aid Kit

You should not expect that an emergency response vehicle will come to the accident area within a single minute. It is significantly important to keep first aid kits in your car. These kits will enable you to take care of any injuries until the ambulance comes.

With first aid kit, you also can keep a few survival kits which are given below

• blankets
• bottled water and non-perishable food
• fire extinguisher
• road flares
• glass breaking tool
These survival kits will allow you to feel comfortable in case you need to stay in the accident area for a while.

6. Road flares or Flashlights

Falling into a car accident during the night is much more dangerous. If you fall into a car accident during the night, make sure you have both road flares and flashlights available with you.

car accident during
car accident during

A flashlight will assist you in inspecting the car damages when the sun is not there over your head. Not being able to illuminate with a flashlight allows you to ignore damage and not detect problems with your vehicle until it is too late.

Road flares will be a beneficial item during a night accident. Emergency crews or policemen can quickly locate you if you use a road flare. Another benefit of using road flares is, other vehicles will remain out of your disabled vehicle, and thus no further damage can happen to your car by any other moving vehicles.
If you are unfamiliar with using road flares, make sure you learn how to operate a road flare before purchasing.


Above all listed items will not take much room in your vehicle for sure. You can utilize any old toolbox to store these items in a specific place in your car.

Moreover, all these items will assist both you and your car accident defense attorney when you are going to make an insurance claim.