best caraccident lawyers in san diego

Ultimate Guide to Get to Car Accident Lawyers in San Diego

Do you know how many car accidents are occurring in the United States every year?

best caraccident lawyers in san diego
best car accident lawyers in San Diego

It is nearly 6 million!!
Isn’t the number being astonishing?
Have any of your family members or friends fallen in a car accident over a few years? If the answer is No, undoubtedly it is a piece of good news.

However, many of us don’t know what needs to be done if anyone falls in a car accident. The fact is, if you follow the right procedure after falling in a car accident, you will be able to recover yourself physically, mentally and economically, without any hassle

For this reason, car accident lawyers in San Diego are here to assist you. Today I am going to share a guideline about what are the mandatory tasks after a car accident. And in continuation of this, I have discussed what are the factors you need to keep in mind while selecting the best lawyer for a car accident and benefits of hiring a car accident lawyer.

Let’s start the discussion in detail.

Step by Step Guideline – Mandatory Tasks to do After a Car Accident

When you fall into a car accident, there are certain things; you need to take care of to make sure no damage has happened to you and your trip partner/s. Also, to start the procedure of laws and get the insurance claim, you need to note down the below tasks in your notebook.

Car Accident Lawyers in San Diego
Car Accident Lawyers in San Diego

Step 01: Stop the car and seek for help
Just after the accident occurs, stop the car.
Check whether you and your partner (if you are not alone) get injured or not.

If nobody is around you and you are severely injured, don’t move and wait until anybody comes.

You can keep some flares with you in case if you fall in an accident during the night and it is profoundly dark everywhere. A flare will help you in this regard. Even your mobile flashlight will be a convenient one to seek attention from any person who is passing by your car.

Step 02: Call 911 or police
Whether the accident type is major or minor, call 911. If calling you can’t make a call, look for any person around you and if anybody is there, seek help to make a call. It will always be a good idea to make a call to 911 or police for the future. Because a police file will help you while you make a claim to your insurance company.

Step 03: Keep the precise record
Once the police arrive at the place, make sure you give them every detail about the accident. All detailed information will be valuable in the future for sure. If you forget something and can’t give the exact information, inform the investigating officer. Don’t miss any information, don’t misstate anything and be honest.
If you are asked, are you injured or not and you are confused about your injury, tell you are “not sure” rather than saying “no”.
Sometimes, injuries appear after a few hours of the actual collision.
Also, it is necessary to make sure, the statement of the other person who is also involved with the accident, his/her given information is similar to yours.

Step 04: Capture images
If any camera is available in your car or mobile, take the images of the visible injuries and car damages.
Remember, not to interfere with the police investigation. So, just after the accident occurs, take the images as soon as possible.

Step 05: Exchange information
Generally, the investigation officer is responsible for taking all the information. If you find the police officer is unresponsive, then you have to take the initiative to collect all the information such as the name and contact information of every person involved in the accident. Also, if there is any witness, you need to take contact information of witnesses too. This way, either you or your personal injury lawyer can contact the person in the near future.

Every time, during an initial conversation with the investigating officer, the officer will provide a police report number to all drivers. This number will be useful to get the police report in the future. It is mandatory to ask for the police report from the state police if you fall into an accident on a state highway.

Step 06: Make a Report of the incident
Talk to your insurance company as early as possible. Sometimes, the police ask for quick reporting and active co-operation. Check, within the insurance coverage, you have medical benefits or not. This type of coverage is known as “med pay” – so you should take the best benefit of this policy.

In fact, to get the benefit of med-pay coverage, you need to submit the medical bills that you have paid due to an accident. When the interest of med pay goes away, personal health insurance will become your primary insurer. Medpay facilities are available to all residents of the vehicle. Don’t worry because you don’t need to pay a high insurance rate because of the submission of the claim for med pay coverage.

Step 07: Look for medical help
Sometimes, injuries due to the car accident don’t show the effects on the same day. After 1 or 2 days, you may start feeling the pain. Whether you are absolutely fine or severely injured, whatever the situation is, you should consult with the local emergency medical office or your personal physician.

Even a minor injury at the spinal cord can lead you to permanent damage. Moreover, if you lose your sight consciousness or feel dizzy for a while after the accident, there is a chance you got an impact on the head. If you remain untreated, this impact can cause mental and behavioral changes. So, it is highly advisable to consult with a physician just after the accident.

Step 08: Make a file and store it securely
Keep all your accident-related documents and files in one place, make a file and store it in a secured location. You should keep the below information securely

  • The claim number.
  • Name and contact information of every person who was involved in the car accident.
  • Paper of expenses due to the car accident.
  • The information of the adjuster who is dealing with the claim.
    All this information will help you in the future when you make an appointment with a good car accident lawyer.

Step 09: Confirm your privileges
Perhaps, the most essential thing that you must do after an accident is, consulting with your car accident lawyers in San Diego. Your personal injury lawyer can advise you regarding what will be the next step to confirm your right as well as they can consult you about saving your all-important evidence.

Sometimes, an insurance company will ask to make a statement just after the accident. And before sharing your statement with the insurance company, it is advisable to get legal advice from your car accident lawyer. Follow the above steps mandatorily just after falling in a car accident. Now I believe one question has popped up in your mind.

car accident lawyers in San Diego
car accident lawyers in San Diego

What will I do if I don’t have a personal injury lawyer?

Yes, a valid question at all. You will get a guideline to this question in this section. You should hire a car accident lawyer in this regard. And before hiring, it is vital to make sure you have selected the right person who can give you valuable legal advice. Have a look at the below consideration before hiring a car accident lawyer in San Diego.

Active communication is the main character of a good lawyer. A good lawyer will show you a clear path of how s/he is going to help you in this case. S/he will show you all the processes that s/he is going to maintain. S/he will never hide any information like his/her fees, and will not come up suddenly for an additional cost.

S/he will make sure you will receive all the information about him/her and make the final decision. If the lawyer can’t provide you with the exact information about him/her, then you should turn your face. Because a good lawyer knows how to communicate with clients.

A promised discussion
The character of a good lawyer is, s/he will show enormous interest in your case. On the other hand, an unskilled, inexperienced lawyer will not give much effort to store your legal rights.

Now, how will you understand the lawyer is giving much attention to your case?

If the lawyer asks many questions about the accident, and what legal goal you are expecting, know that the lawyer is interested in handling your case.


Ask for references
Ask for the list of recommendations from the lawyer so that you can contact the listed person and learn more details about the lawyer. References are a significantly great way to learn about a car accident lawyer. As every year, so many accidents are occurring in the United States, this is a secure bet someone of your family and friends might have taken help from a car accident attorney.

Even after spending some hours talking with the provided references given by the lawyer, it will help you judge the capability of your selected lawyer. If any lawyer doesn’t have any reference, you should avoid giving the charge of your case to that car accident lawyer.

Have a structured office
If the office space is unorganized and messy, can a lawyer provide you with the best service? What is your personal opinion? While visiting the office of the selected lawyer, have an eagle eye on the desk of the lawyer. How organized is his desk as well as an office?

If s/he shuffles a pile of paper to find out any necessary document or is struggling to handle phone calls, be sure s/he doesn’t maintain discipline. And I believe you know what type of service an indiscipline person can give you.

Skill and experience
This option is a general thumb rule; the lawyer has to have skill and experience. Ask your lawyer about his/her years of experience. Not only this, but the lawyer should also have a tremendous winning record. Be sure the lawyer has experience in car accident cases specifically. S/he is well-skilled in arguing cases in the court.


Pick someone who can fight with an insurance company

A car accident means you have to deal with an insurance company. Insurance companies are also cunning enough to offer you as much as little, and they expect, you will accept it. Be contingent on the insurance company; you will see the first reimbursement proposal before you begin to recover from a car accident and injury.

A car accident lawyer, who is well-experienced, will understand the purpose of this offer and advise you accordingly. And look for a lawyer who has a reputation for pushing insurance companies for a better settlement. Pick a lawyer who can make the playground hard for your right.

Benefits of hiring a car accident lawyers in San Diego

Now, what benefits will you get if you hire good car accident lawyers? Have a look at the below bullet points

  • A car accident lawyer can finalize the actual value of your loss due to the car accident and will negotiate with the insurance company for the real settlement that you ask for.
  • S/he has a better understanding of the law and will utilize their knowledge for your best interest.
  • There is no doubt that you are unaware of all rules and regulations of an insurance company. A car accident lawyer can work for you to know the laws and regulations to ensure you get the right settlement.
  • Gather all evidence and proof so that you can get the best decision.
  • If you need to bring your case in the court, a good car accident lawyer can represent himself on behalf of you in the court.

Even the most cautious driver also can fall into a car accident. My all intention of writing this article is to guide you in the right way when you need to look for a car accident lawyer if you fall in a car accident.